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10 Reasons why you should go to Envision Festival 2016
by Noe Del Cid  1/16/2015


We've had our fair share of experiences but few can compare to being at Envision Festival in Costa rica. We have gone in 2013 and 2014, we loved it so much that we decided to write this article giving you 10 reasons of why you should go. Hope you and enjoy and def check out Envision Festival. 


1. The Weather
First major reason unless you live in a tropical climate is the weather. The festival takes place dead in the middle of winter feb 26th-march 6th which, if you live in a cold climate is the ideal time to get outta dodge and into paradise. Super Sunny, super warm, even if you only stay for a week I guarantee you will come back with a nice tan to last you into the begining of spring. 
2. The People 
The people at envision festival are amazing. Full of smiles and positive vibration, we have made some friends that we are sure will have a lasting connection. Its a conscious party in paradise, of course everyone is super blissed out. If your going with a partner great place for some authentic romance. And if your not hey, you might meet someone there. 
3. The Culture 
Envision Festival has done a great job nurturing such a positive, forward thinking culture. Its a party with a purpose. You are celebrating and you a learning. They feature an array of workshops based on sustainability, permaculture and vendors are all local and organic. No plastic cups or plates, but you can eat out of bamboo or a palm plate. We believe this is a the culture that needs to be spread in the greater community as people need to learn and become more aware of the how our life has a greater environmental impact. 
4. Yoga 
If you are into yoga Envision is a yoga retreat itself. Multiple yoga and meditation classes daily. We did a handstand workshop with Rachel Brathen (2014) and loved every minute of it. If you don't know who she is check her out on instagram @yoga_girl 
5. Workshops 
They host a variety of workshops focusing on sustainability, permaculture, meditation, conscious community, etc. There is alot of wrong going on in the world, but you can take some workshops and learn how you can make some rights. 
6. The Beach 
Envision festival secured a new venue in 2014 and compared to 2013 was a nice upgrade. Nice flat land, plenty of shade, but most importantly has direct access to the beach. If you were there for 2013 you know it was quite the shock to hear you had to pay $6 everyday to go to the beach, after you had already paid for your ticket. Well this is no issue this year as you have open access to the beach. The druming and dancing at sunset everyday was one of my favorite parts. Check our their venue info here
7. Music 
Lets not forget the music here. They have an a great lineup guaranteed to keep your soul grooving. Polish Amabassador, Govinda, Random Rab, Emancipator are just to name a few. 2014 they had this awesome stage of light and bamboo and I'm sure this year they are only making it better. Def enjoyed dancing until the wee hours of the morning getting a good way lol. Check out their line up here. 
8. Price 
Even though its right around the corner, and early bird tickets are sold out. Envision festival is still affordable. Stay in paradise, do yoga, workshops, dancing, on the beach, for four days. Its a deal. Add on top of that a relatively  cheap plane ticket. I just a found flight for $474 on from NY to San Jose. 
9. Memories 
Its an experience of a life time, everytime I have gone. "Vive la Experiencia" as they say. Alot of people go before the festival or stay after the festival to check out the surrounding area. Highly recommend it. Dominical gets nice and busy the party seamlessly continues there after the festival. Buy the tickets take the trip. You won't regret it. 
10. Pura Vida, the country 
Its in Costa Rica. If you haven't been you should definitley check it out. Pura Vida. Its means pure life and its a lifestyle. I'm from Guatemala my self by have fully embraced the Tico point of view in "Pura Vida". Its like "life is good". Add that attitude to tropical land with beautiful beaches, volcanos, diverse flora and fauna, and nice getaway from the cold. Go. 
Check out Envision Fesival, Vive la Experiencia. Click here to go to their page. 
Noe Del Cid is founder and writer for Peace Nation. To stay update and connect with us follow us on social media. 
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photos by Peace Nation 2014 

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