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Sustainable Fabrics. Responsible Manufacturing



Sustainable Fabrics / Eco Fashion: fabrics and clothing designs that are created by a system that can support its existence indefinitely in an environmentally responsible way. The fabric we use in our Tees is 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton, imported from China since growing hemp isn't legal in the USA yet (get with the program America.) Our importer buys carbon offsets from to offset the carbon dioxide emissions from buring fossil fuels during the transportation process. 



Hemp is an amazing plant. We have used and culitvated it for millenia. Don't believe us, go ahead, go do some research, we'll wait right here...The reason there was a war waged against it in the 20th century was to protect growing corporate interest. Ah those old world corporations, we all know they have their hands dipped in the pockets of politicians in order to serve their agenda. Thanks to the internet and the free flow of information all that is changing and it's making a comeback. Since your reading this and are on this site, your part this  movement!  yeah your awesome! 


Hemp is an amazingly fast growing plant. It grows seasonally and produces 3 to 4 times more usable fibers that conventional cotton per acre(i). Conventional cotton is one of the most chemical and pesticide intensive industries. It covers 2.5% of the worlds cultivated lands yet it uses 16% of the worlds pesticides, more than any other single crop(ii). Hemp being resilient and fast grower requires little water (1/20th to be precise) and no chemicals and pesticides(iii). Because of its long fibers it has 4 times the strength of cotton making it a more durable fabric, lets just say your gonna to have this shirt for a long time. It also has antimicrobial properties and it filters out UV for those hot summer days(iii). Hemp is sustainable. Growing it as a rotation crop it reduces deforestation and improves the soil upon which it is grown. It can also be used as a mop crop to clear impurities from water and soil(iv). Isn't it awesome? Even had this car cover america on hemp fuel check it out. 


The only high you can get from hemp is the awesome feeling you'll have when wearing it. Hemp is illegal to grow in the USA because of its close association to its cousin Marijuana. Hemp produces an insignificant amount of THC and you most definitely can't get high off of it but it remains illegal in the USA vastly due to misinformation, ignorance, and the protection of corporate interests.



Organic Cotton: 


In order to provide our clothes with a soft soft feel the fabric we use is hemp blended with organic cotton. Organic cotton uses no chemicals and pesticides because of its organic nature. The fields that  it has been cultivated on have been certified organic and have been chemical free for at least three years, our manufacture is a member of the "Organic Trade Association" and of "Green America: approved for people and planet." Organic cotton also uses less water than conventional cotton because it is planted as a rotation crop which reduces soil depletion and increases water retention and it is also more rain-water reliant than irrigation giving it an ecological advantage. Also provides more jobs around the world because it is more labor intensive than chemical and pesticide reliant industries,  due to the fact that the land is weeded by hand. Our manufacturer is audited by 3rd party  B.S.C.I (Business Social Compliance Initative) to ensure proper working conditions and wages. This makes it a little more expensive process but its all for the greater good of the environment. Trying holding your breath while you count your money see how that goes. 

Responsible Manufacturing: 


Its not just about the materials but also hows its made. Enlightened Lifestyle Apparel is about the whole creation process and ensuring it is created in a environmentally responsible and social way. We make our clothing oversees and we work closely with our manufacturer to make sure that they share our company's values and are aligned with our mission. They are also audited by 3rd party B.S.C.I (Business Social Compliance Initiative) based on the labor standards of the International Labor Organization to ensure proper working conditions and wages.



Certifications :





The factory and fabric supplier is a member of the Organic Trade Association, Green America: Approved for People and Planet, and a partner with We are working on obtaining certifactions with these established organizations ourselves among others  to ensure and give you and us peace of mind that our products are created in an environmentally responsible and social way. We are also using their guidelines as we develop new products. Applying for membership and certification from: 


-Fair Trade Certification

-Green America

-Sustainable Apparel Coalition 



(i) "Marijuana and Hemp: The Untold Story" Thomas Bouril, 1997

(ii) "The Deadly chemicals in cotton"  Environmental Justice Foundation in collaboration with the Pesticide Action Network UK: London, 2007

(iii) "Hemp Horizons: The Combeback of the Worlds Most Promising Plant" John W. Roulac. Vermont: Chelsea Green Publishing 1997

(iv) "Phytoremediation: Using Plants to Clean Soil" botany global issues

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