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Great inspiring video and documentaries that help expand your  knowledge and understanding. We'd love to hear suggestions. Approach with an open mind and learn with what resonates with you. Thank you and enjoy! 


Video from the Procter family, humans are not just meant to just to survive, we were meant to thrive. 

The Hemp Revolution 

documentary about hemp,its benefits and how its making a come back 

What in the Bleep Do we Know 

great documentary explaing the science of how we are all one and how we are creating our own realitities 

The Ring of Power

Alot alot of information on this one and how we got here and follows the lineage of the families that control and manipulate society. Heavy heavy stuff.

The Spirit Molecule 

documentary that explores the DMT molecule and the effect it has on our consciousness 

Free Energy Documentary 

documentary that explores the possiblity of extracting energy from the reality and existence itself or zero point field. 

We'll be adding more to the list so be sure to check back soon and send us a message to suggestions you have! bless 

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