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Peace Nation from vision to reality. 

Building the Future, Today

The vision is there. We just have to strive to achieve it and we believe by working together and using the power of the internet we can achieve anything we set our minds to.


Our goal is to raise money to help us plan, develop and build a sustainable building and farm in New York State that will be used as learning center to teach people about sustainability and to help them reconnect with their source of food. This center will be powered by solar, wind, and alternative energy resources. People will be able to take tours of the gardens and farms, attend various workshops, learn about sustainability first hand and see the technology in action. It would be available to the public, for private retreats, and available for school field trips from the surrounding areas and serve as our operational headquarters. We have called the building of this vision "Fund the Future Project" because we believe this is a step toward the future that we want to live in.



You contribute to this project by purchasing one of our Tees, going to one of our events, or by donating directly to the cause. 

"This place will inspire a new generation of thinkers, innovators, and green entreprenuers"


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