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  What is Peace Nation Inc? 

Peace Nation is a New York based organization  whose mission is to provide and promote goods and services that are created in an environmentally responsible way.  We want to provide value to you as a person and as a consumer and appeal to your desire and need to help make the Earth a better place. We use proceeds from our sales to create and promote green initiatives.  We are aware of the problems we as a planet have to overcome and like to help on solving these issues and understand we can do this by working together. No boundaries, no borders, we are one planet, one people, one nation for peace.


"To have that experience of awe, at least for the moment is to let go of your self, to trancend a sense of realize their interconnectedness  with that Blue Green Ball" -David Loy Philospher 

The "Overview" Effect

"An Enlightened Lifestyle Company" 

By enlightened we mean an aware or a knowledgeable lifestyle. Being enlightened doesn't mean being  perfect, its means recognizing who we really are, energy, star dust, having experiences on a  floating on a planet in the cosmic ocean of infinity. We are the cosmos in temporary bodies and we, you are precious. Our planet is precious. The video above portrays how seeing the planet from afar con affect our view of it and see ourselves as one planet. Bringing that awareness into your everyday life and can have  profound effects on you and our planet.


  1. Take care of yourself, mind and body.

  2. Be nice and courteous to others, help when you can.. for we are one.

  3. Prosume, try to consume and purchase products that are organic and created in a environmentally responsible way.


That is an enlightened lifestyle. It is the choices we can make everyday to improve ourselves, our society, and our planet.

We came up with the name "Peace Nation" because we liked what it meant and it was simple and to the point. A nation, a group of people that want one thing, peace. Its meant to be a calling to you, if you want peace, if you stand for peace and a better world, you are part of this, this is for you. We want to grow and generate revenue in order to invest back into helping the environment. Its the reason why we are in business.


The first product that came to mind was t-shirts. We can print positive messages on t-shirts and sell them. We first made a "love kindness and compassion" line and they were great . In order to stay true to our cause our shirts are now 55% hemp 45% certified organic cotton and our manufacturer buys carbon offset credits to counteract the transportation costs from overseas. You can learn more about the creation process of the tees here.


As a way to spread the message of peace, unity, and enviromental protection we thought the promotion and creation of events would be a great medium to do that. Fund the future project came to fruition as an idea to speed things up a bit. Let us establish a operational headquarters for green companies and serve as a learning center where people can learn about sustainabilty, personal health and wellness, and organic food growth. We plan on launching a crowdsourcing campaign to help fund the project and expect its success with much anitcipation. 




As always we are trying to improve our business practices and connect with other businesses, organizations, and people whose agenda is aligned with ours. We look forward to co-creating and helping transition the planet into a better existence with you.




        Noe Del Cid 


        Peace Nation Inc. 

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