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Peace Nation

Hello new and old friends. Welcome to Peace Nation: an enlightened lifestyle company! First I wanted to explain to you what our mission and goals are as a company.

We are a New York based

corporation whose mission is to provide goods and services that are created in an environmentally responsible way. I don't think there is anything wrong with business, its just that business's have lost their way in pursuit of profit. From an economic point of view, environment and people are not being considered in conducting business and number crunching. In a traditional way of thinking a business have overhead, cost of goods sold, revenue, and gross profit. Where in this equation is the environment considered? people? overall effect on society and the air we breathe? It isn't and its time we change that.

We saw in the past 100 years the growth of business at exponential levels, following this formula we now see the effects. Entire forests have been destroyed, rivers have been polluted, and people have been ridden with disease due to the way we have conducted business. Its easy to enter that state of mind because a business owner can easily think, 1. everybody is doing it. 2. how can my small business have a global impact.

Well that mentally reproduced throughout millions of small business's has had an impact on our environment. A little here a little there, it all adds up. And not only that but some people are more ambitions than others. They do good, they want to grow. Their business expands. Decades go by and before anyone realizes it they have built an empire. Now their business isn't a small business and now has a bigger impact than they ever imagined. But they don't see that, they only see numbers and the numbers look good. Profit looks good. Their house gets bigger, their cars more expensive and they think they did pretty good for themselves. Sure but at what cost?

My goal is to change the traditional way of doing business, as least in my own little corner of the world. I've seen many companies start to do it, and I love it. I saw it and I said yes! that is the way I want to run my business. We must factor in the environment and quality of life of our employees and our customers. People are people just like your Mom and Dad, Sisters, Brothers, people you care

about, and everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. The environment is a factor whether mega companies want to recognize it or not. We have to see the long term vision and understand that what we do now will affect the world 100 years from now. We are part of an unbroken chain of events since the beginning of time that has led us to this moment and now we must take the torch and improve upon the system that was handed down to us. As business leaders, producers, and consumers, we must be willing to look far into the future and look past our own two feet.

Thank your for your support and we look forward to growing with you. Stay up to date with us as we come out with more products and services and keep up to date on our new blog.

Much Love and Peace to all Nations

Noe Del Cid

Founder and President

Peace Nation Inc.

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